Frank Steffen Mueller was born in 1962 in Stuttgart, Germany.

At the age of 13 he got his first guitar and from this moment on, he started playing, inspired by the music of

Led Zeppelin, Jimi Hendrix and Genesis.


Music became his passion!


After three years of self-tuition he had his first gigs with a number of local bands.

When he was 18, Frank took lessons from Stephan Malek (classical guitar), Frank Sikora (jazz guitar and theory) and Wolfgang Thierfeld (rhythm).A few years later, he started studying music at the Amsterdam School of the Arts, NL, with brilliant teachers like Wim Overgaauw and John Butler.

Frank attended workshops with famous musicians such as Pat Metheny, Steve Coleman, John Scofield, Mike Stern, Lee Konitz, Doug Raney, John Petrucci, Jim Hall, Andy Timmons, Jack de Johnette and many more followed.He made many interesting experiences while performing with different bands and musicians.

In 1987 he formed the Frank Steffen Mueller Quartet, which was very successful at that time.

The Quartet was finalist of the European Jazz Contest in Brussels in 1989.

He also took part at international jazz festivals (Paris, Prague…) and the opening ceremony of the Athletics EM in 1986.


Frank performed in different TV shows and worked on a number of CD productions with various artists.


Frederic Rabold Crew, Peter Herbolzheimer, Paul Rekow, Oliver Leue, Dirik Schilgen, Iris Loem, Ingo Senst, Peter Schönfeld, Stephan Schuchardt, Regina Büchner, Klaus Warstat, Thomas Grollmus, Ralf Dürrwächter, Die Grafen, Marc Fisher, Metropol Orchestra, Franzl Lang, Dani Moradi, Metropolis Acoustic Duo, Michael Schad, Sean O´Brian Smith, Sidney Barnes, Ty Copeman, Hellmut Wolf and Wolf Entertainment Chris Fahey and Gravity picks, Peter Wolf and Joe Knaggs and Knaggs Guitars….….they all became very important companions and friends during his colourful life as a guitar player.


Frank loves playing and composing all styles/genres of music such as Rock, Metal, Jazz, Fusion, Blues, Acoustic, Flamenco...


Today Frank Steffen Mueller lives and works as a guitar teacher and guitarist/musician/composer near Stuttgart, Germany.

 Music is still his passion!


© 2020 Copyright by Frank Steffen Mueller. All Rights Reserved.

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