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Frank Steffen Mueller

Frank Steffen Mueller was born in Stuttgart, Germany.

At the age of 13 he took up the guitar the first time and quickly developed a passion for the instrument.

Music became his passion!

Inspired by the music of Led Zeppelin and Jimi Hendrix he started practicing a lot.  
Soon he had his first gigs with local bands. 

A few years later, sure of the fact that he wanted to be a musician, Frank got the chance to study music/guitar at the Amsterdam School of the Arts, Netherlands. 

Before developing a huge interest in Rock and Melodic Metal, he toured through Europe with his own Jazz Quartet,  was finalist at the European Jazz Contest, played the opening ceremony at the Athletics EM 1986 and performed in different TV shows.

Frank composed and produced many commercials and worked on various recording sessions and CD productions. 

After that, Frank attended workshops with John Scofield, Mike Stern, John Petrucci and Andy Timmons and many more to make way for more Melodic Rock guitar playing. 

With the launch of his own YouTube channel in 2012,  producing music videos, product reviews and 
guitar lessons, Frank became  more international known. The participation in several guitar guitar contests like Ibanez, Kiesel or the Gary Moore Contest brought him over 1.000.000 views.

Larry Mitchell, Steve Vai, Plini, Andy Timmons, Atma Anur, Sean O´Bryan Smith, Metropolis Acoustic Duo, 
Frederic Rabold Crew, Metropol Orchestra,  Knaggs Guitars, Fractal Audio, D´Addario, Godin Guitars,
Ortega Guitars, Fishman....they all became very important companions and friends during his colourful 
life as a guitar player.

Frank‘s growing popularity is attributed to a blend of modern guitar techniques with a beautiful tone and 
phrasing and his unbelievable sense for great melodies — all rolled into a unique style that is unmistakably Frank.

Today Frank lives and work as a guitar teacher, session musician, composer, producer and videographer in 
Stuttgart, Germany.  In the last years, his projects included lots of work with international artists and companies from all over the world. 

Currently, Frank is working on his debut album.


 Music is still his passion!


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